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About the Cygnus

Welcome aboard the USS Cygnus.

A Nebula-class heavy cruiser, the USS Cygnus has been in Starfleet service for more than three decades.  Having recently completed an extensive refit that saw every system upgraded and updated, she’s now as cutting edge and up to date as when she was launched.

The Nebula-class has become a workhorse of Starfleet, capable of performing a wide range of mission profiles, partly thanks to her interchangeable mission pods.  Scientific exploration, diplomacy, anti-piracy operations, humanitarian aid, disaster relief, defence are just some of the mission profiles that the Cygnus has taken on during the course of her service.

Recently placed under the command of Captain Bane Plase and assigned to the Fourth Fleet, the Cygnus continues her service manned by a crew of the best and the brightest that Starfleet has to offer.  Almost fifteen years after withdrawing from the galactic stage, the Federation is once more beginning to turn her gaze outward and re-engage with her neighbours.  The Cygnus and her crew are ready for this challenge and are eager to return to the Federation’s roots of exploration and peaceful co-existence.  Once more they will explore those strange new worlds, they will seek out new life and new civilisations and go boldly where no-one has gone before.

The adventure continues.  Will you join us?


Episode 1: Clean Slate
started August 1, 2020 and ended December 17, 2020
As the crew of the Cygnus gets comfortable with their new ship, they are sent out of port early on an important diplomatic mission to deliver Rear Admiral Elizabeth Hayden to a neutral colony near Breen space.
Episode 1.5: Shoreleave
started December 17, 2020 and ended February 1, 2021
Following their mission to Deneb IV, the crew of the Cygnus is ordered to Starbase 514 where they will have a chance to catch their breath and relax before receiving new orders from Starfleet.
Episode 2: Collision Course
started February 1, 2021 and ended April 22, 2021
The Cygnus is dispatched to the Dalriada V colony to evacuate the planet's population before an asteroid strikes it and, if possible, prevent the asteroid from striking at all.
Episode 3: Search and Rescue
started April 22, 2021 and ended November 14, 2021
The Cygnus and her crew team up with a Cardassian cruiser to investigate the disappearance of two science ships sent to investigate an anomaly; one Starfleet, the other Cardassian.
Episode 4: Failure to Communicate
started November 14, 2021
On an exploration mission, the Cygnus encounters a familiar foe but perhaps they needn't be foes any longer?

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The Game

USS Cygnus
Starfleet (2400s)
Age Rating
General (13+)

Game Management

Bane Plase

Commanding Officer

Erik Larsen

Executive Officer

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Operations Office

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