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About the Denver

It’s 2374 and the Alpha and Beta Quadrants are in the grips of a life and death struggle against the Dominion.

Rebecca Talon had left Starfleet after the horrors of the Battle of Wolf 359.  Once a promising officer,  she is reluctantly pressed back into service due to the necessities of War.  When her captain is killed during the Battle of Tyra she is suddenly thrust into the center seat of one of Starfleet’s most advanced starships. Does she have the skills to bring her crew home from this destructive conflict and help Starfleet do the seemingly impossible; stop the Dominion before the entire quadrant is under their heel?

Twenty-five years into the future, the step-son of Captain Talon leads a small group of officers aboard the USS Zebulon Pike. The Pike is a highly modified Federation scout ship with the crew taking on some of the Federation’s toughest challenges as a covert strike team. If they fail in their mission Starfleet disavows all knowledge of the Pike and her crew.

Open Positions

  • Position Open

    Chief Operations Officer

  • Position Open

    Chief Security / Tactical Officer

  • Position Open

    Chief Science Officer

  • Position Open

    Chief Engineer- Zebulon Pike

  • Position Open

    Team Pilot - Zebulon Pike

The Game

USS Denver
Starfleet (2370s)
Age Rating
Mature (16+)

Game Management

Rebecca Talon

Commanding Officer

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Operations Office

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