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Welcome to Starbase Bravo, headquarters of the Fourth Fleet!

This persistent sandbox is open to every member of Bravo Fleet who has earned the New Member Program badge from the Academy. If you’re interested in applying, click the Apply Now button. Note: you do not need to provide a sample post, and your character will be approved automatically unless it’s radically divorced from fleet lore. (It’s recommended but not required that you complete the Character Creation Program through the academy in addition to the New Member Program.)


Starbase Bravo is the headquarters of Starfleet’s Fourth Fleet. Currently under the command of Vice Admiral Thomas Belvedere, this massive Guardian-class station is located in the Beta Quadrant where it supports operations along the Romulan and Klingon borders, while also coordinating the operations of the Fourth Fleet throughout the galaxy. With a Starfleet crew of 60,000 and a civilian population of 40,000 it is truly a city in space, playing host to dozens of starships at a time.

Functioning as a persistent sandbox to support members wanting to write as junior officers, especially to dive deeply into character development, Starbase Bravo provides an alternative to standard, plot-driven RPGs. This collaboration between the Operations Office and Lore Office has several goals:

  1. Provide an ongoing space for members to write together about their characters’ personal development and interactions, without relying on a specific game manager to drive the plot or run the risk of the game closing.
  2. Give members interested in becoming game managers a chance to practice the craft through informal and formal leadership and plot development opportunities.
  3. Enable brand-new members an easy way of jumping in with collaborative writing, without needing to figure out how to integrate into an in-progress mission on a traditional RPG.

Management of this sandbox is slightly more complex than in a traditional RPG: overall GMing in terms of broad-strokes story moves and the setting are handled by Operations and Lore, with the stories coming out of individual departments evolving organically as members get ideas to write. It is intended that this space is mainly for collaborative writing.

As this ongoing experience evolves, more and more information will be added to the wiki about Starbase Bravo, ensuring that the actions of various characters and the settings our writers develop will help build our shared environment.

Initial Application Process – Entry-Level Characters

All members of Bravo Fleet are welcome to join Starbase Bravo, pending approval of their character, if you have earned the New Member Program badge from the Academy. Unlike a traditional RPG where the screening process for new characters can be quite rigorous, as long as a character doesn’t have any major conflicts with the lore policy and fits within the indicated rank guidelines for the position you’re applying for, it will be approved. Check this guide for more information.

Members may apply for more than one position, but staff will be sensitive to the ‘hoarding’ of roles, especially taking many roles within the same department. To encourage participation and discourage applying for a wide variety of positions all at once, positions are separated into several tiers, which you gain access to by earning more duty ribbons.

To get started, click the application below and select one of the listed tier 1 positions!

Higher Tier Positions

There are six tiers of positions, five of which are available to members and the highest of which is reserved for staff.

The six tiers correspond with Starfleet’s six officer ranks, with the suggested rank for those positions matching the tier, from Ensign at tier 1 up to Captain at tier 6. Crewmen, petty officers, and chiefs would correspond roughly to tiers 1, 2, and 3 respectively. The idea is that your first character should be an Ensign or Crewman, with a title like Security Officer or Engineering Officer, and that you will gain access to more important roles and higher ranks by posting more.

Once you have earned enough duty ribbons to apply for a higher position, you should message a member of the staff to discuss either raising your character’s rank and changing their title or creating a new character, whichever feels more appropriate!


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