Taavik's Rank Record

  • Promoted to Commander

    • At long last, we can celebrate a fantastic achievement for one of our Task Force Commanding Officers, Lieutenant Commander Taavik, aka Starbuck! Since their promotion to Lieutenant Commander on March 10th 2023, Starbuck has proven themselves as a very active member of Bravo Fleet and thoroughly enjoys everything we do.

      To start, Starbuck received the Jonathan Archer Order of Merit on July 2nd 2023, for their impressive activity level across so many areas of Bravo Fleet. Starbuck gets involved in gaming, competitions and writing. Proving to so many how much Bravo Fleet has to offer its members and is someone who always does exceptionally well in these areas, as shown in their recent award. It takes a lot for someone to get the Jonathan Archer Order of Merit, and Starbuck did impressively well during The Lost Fleet Fleet Action to gain it.

      However, since then, Starbuck has continued. Entering nine competitions and placing in seven of them (that’s over seventy-five per cent of those entered they have achieved an award for) is another excellent example of Starbuck wanting to be involved in Bravo Fleet. Due to their success in the competition arena, Starbuck has received four Action Medals with Moon Clusters, two Action Medals with Comet Cluster and one Action Medal with Planet Cluster for placing first in 'The Great Item Search' competition.

      Then we move on to the ribbons that Starbuck loves to collect! On July 12th 2023, Starbuck received five Strategic Action Ribbons for completing Star Trek Online Task Force Operations as a single member of Bravo Fleet. Alongside this, they have received seventeen Service Ribbons for more adventures of the crew of the USS Pioneer and a Duty Ribbon for a collaboration on the USS Venture RPG.

      Starbuck continues to work extremely hard as Task Force 47’s Commanding Officer and, within a month, has shown her new Task Force Executive Officer the ropes and continues to engage and encourage fellow members to be involved in all of the amazing activities that are on offer to everyone.

      Starbuck, thank you for everything and all of your dedication and hard work; we are happy to promote you to the rank of Commander! Well done, and congratulations!
    01 August 2023
  • Promoted to Lieutenant Commander

    • If there is one thing the Task Force staff takes pride in the most, it is when a member reaches the peak of their tenure as a Junior Officer and takes that next step into the Senior Officer ranks. Lieutenant Daniel McKnight, or Starbuck as he is known in Discord, has shown the drive and level of activity to take such steps. His passion and attention to the fleet have been incredible.

      In addition to being an extremely active member of the Discord community, where he has reached at least Level 10, Daniel has been a very active member of our Star Trek Online group, earning at least 15 Combat Action Ribbons for cooperative play with his peers completing Task Force Operations, and at least 20 Strategic Action Ribbons for his solo activities.

      When not actively pursuing those coveted ribbons in Star Trek Online, Daniel has been equally involved in the competitive aspect of the fleet, participating in at least 15 competitions, including such recent ones as "Second Contact – Landru" and "USS Sarek – The Crimes of Yuulik". He has placed in at least 5 of the many entries he has submitted.

      His complete character profile for Ethan Hale on Starbase Bravo is also solid in its organization, flow, and details.

      I am honoured to recommend Lieutenant Daniel McKnight for promotion to Lieutenant Commander. This milestone rank is a significant step forward for our members. It allows them access to a new tier of ships for their primary command, allowing them to further expand on their mission ideas that may not have been adequately suited to a Raven-class vessel.

      Congratulations Lieutenant Commander on the great work!
    10 March 2023
  • Promoted to Lieutenant

    • It is my privilege to recommend Daniel McKnight for a promotion to Lieutenant. Daniel has demonstrated a solid commitment to the fleet. Watching him flourish within Bravo Fleet has been a true honor.

      Daniel has created a complete character biography for Henry Mason, who currently serves as Executive Officer of the USS Venture. He has earned 15 Strategic Action Ribbons, demonstrating his understanding of Bravo Fleet's goals and objectives and his ability to contribute to the fleet effectively. Daniel has also reached Level 7 on Bravo Fleet's Discord server, a testament to his dedication to the community and his ability to engage with others positively. He has also entered 12 Bravo Fleet competitions, recently earning 2nd place for his involvement in the competition Computer Virus Alert. Finally, Daniel has earned 5 Campaign Ribbons, completing all secondary specializations on one character (Daniel McKnight), as well as reaching Endeavour level 250.

      Daniel's achievements and active participation within Bravo Fleet make him an enthusiastic member of Bravo Fleet. I know that he will continue to excel in any role he is given. Congrats, Lieutenant, way to go.
    11 February 2023
  • Promoted to Lieutenant Junior Grade

    • Daniel McKnight has wasted no time chasing down the required criteria for his next promotion. In addition to being a frequent contributor to the conversations in Discord, he is often participating in many of the other activities the fleet has to offer, such as game nights and competitions. It has been an absolute pleasure being able to work with a member as active as he. In addition to the above activities, Daniel has listed 3 characters on BFMS. He has created a complete biography for one of which, is his primary character, and used to join USS Aquarius as its Executive Officer and Chief Tactical Officer. He also has a character by the name of Ethan Hale, an Engineering Officer, which he has used to join Starbase Bravo. It is my pleasure to nominate Daniel for promotion to the rank of Lieutenant Junior Grade for meeting the above criteria. Congratulations Lieutenant for making it another step closer to Senior Officer!
    29 January 2023
  • Promoted to Ensign

    • Another player has moved beyond the ranks of the Cadet and can now call themselves an Officer. A consistent presence in discord, Daniel McKnight, or Starbuck as they are known, breezed through the requirements for Ensign with ease.

      They have followed Bravo Fleet on Twitter, earned at least 3 Campaign Ribbons, and most recently completed the Character Creation Program. Having mastered all the required criteria, it is my privilege to submit this nomination.

      Congratulations on all you’ve accomplished. Continue to set goals and push yourself; I am sure you will accomplish much more here in Task Force 72. Great job, Ensign; I look forward to seeing great things from you in the coming months.
    20 January 2023
  • Promoted to Midshipman

    • Daniel McKnight joined the fleet only a few days ago and has jumped in with both feet and gotten involved in various activities offered by Bravo Fleet. It is such a pleasure to have someone in the fleet with the level of enthusiasm for pursuing the ranks that he has. Having earned his first three promotions just yesterday, it is time to recognize his next major accomplishment.

      Daniel has completed the Bravo Fleet Academy New Member Program, successfully authenticated his Discord account, reached level 3 in the Bravo Fleet Discord and has elected to follow Bravo Fleet on Facebook.

      For achieving these criteria, it is my pleasure to nominate Daniel McKnight for promotion to the milestone rank of Midshipman. Congratulations, and may your newly available Raven-class ispire you to write many exciting adventures!
    08 January 2023
  • Promoted to Cadet Senior Grade

    • Promoted to Cadet Senior Grade for joining Bravofleet in STO.
    07 January 2023
  • Promoted to Cadet Junior Grade

    • For entering the competition, INFINITE DIVERSITY, amazing job!
    07 January 2023
  • Promoted to Cadet Sophomore Grade

    07 January 2023
  • Promoted to Cadet Freshman Grade

    04 January 2023