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Part of Bravo Fleet: Sundered Wings

USS Thyanis: Taken Under Wing

An abducted Starfleet officer and dark past secrets threaten to unravel a delicately woven web of lies as things escalate in the Velorum Sector.

Mission Description

With war brewing amongst Romulans and other forces again, Thevius gets pulled from his comfortable, settled life to help out. Wanting to keep his Romulan heritage a secret, he opts to help out with intelligence missions, hoping to slip under radar from Starfleet. Things escalate out of control incredibly quick with a kidnapped Starfleet officer and high risk infiltration missions as Thevius tries desperately to keep things hidden under his wings.

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18 June 2022

Ch: 10- Dance of the Birds

USS Thyanis: Taken Under Wing

Lihran grabbed another cup of coffee and took it with him as he headed over to engineering. He slowly settled down in the chair, letting out a small sigh. Lifting the mug of coffee to his face, he drew a slow, long sip, savouring the taste of the rather acrid, bitter drink he grew to love and [...]

11 June 2022

Ch: 9- Seeds of Mutiny

USS Thyanis: Taken Under Wing

Lihran cracked his eyes open about twenty minutes before the wakeup call with an agitated grunt. 15 years later and his body still wakes up at the correct time. Looking down the hall, he spied Covel’s boots coming at a swift pace. Lihran quickly closed his eyes again and pretended to be asleep. [...]

8 June 2022

Ch: 8- Longing for Home

USS Thyanis: Taken Under Wing

Lihran quietly snuck towards his bunk, not wanting to wake the other Romulans sleeping around him. He did not want to spend the night fully with Covel, sneaking away just to rile the man up. He shrugged out of his uniform and hung it up neatly, leaving his boots at the base of the bed and crawling [...]

5 June 2022

Ch: 7- Clipped Wings

USS Thyanis: Taken Under Wing

SS Ridaere Lihran lowered himself into the chair at the engineering console, setting aside a particular type of Romulan tea he was rather fond of. He may as well indulge in all his favourites while he had access to them. Maybe he could steal the programming for replicators while he was here. He [...]